Mercedes to kill Maybach brand in 2013

08 March 2012: Maybach was supposed to be to Mercedes, what Rolls Royce is to BMW. It was meant to be the brand that could rival the best luxury sedans in the world, including the RR Phantom. But, as we all know, it never really managed to reach the top. And in a not so surprising move, it has been made official that the brand would be shut down in 2013.
The Maybach 2011 range
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Some may think what actually is the problem? Take the Maybach 62s for instance – it’s a full on luxury sedan, with a TV and massager at the back (things that I personally feel are completely unnecessary in any car). Well, there is no problem really; but it’s just that something called the RR Phantom exists in the world. And with such a perfect rival, it surely couldn’t win. Mercedes tried its best and when the brand was relaunched in 2002, it came out with special editions of the existing models. It stretched the humongous Maybach 62, and made it the 62s. The Maybach is really not one of those cars you would buy because you need one, but because you want one. But the problem was that it did not create adequate drool value and desire amongst the ones who could afford it. There was just no emotional connect. Some even called the car ‘an enormous insult to the world’, and before any damage control could take place, sales hit an all time low. Maybach had hoped to sell 800 units per year, but it never even hovered close. According to Jeremy Clarkson, you were better off buying a Phantom, or for that matter a used helicopter!

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Mercedes has now decided to cut their losses by shutting down the brand. However talks are that the next-gen S-class will replace the Maybach, with several special editions and a range topping S600 Pullman. Though the replacement would not be really different, because the Maybach 57 and 62 were  anyway based on the current-gen S-Class (it was essentially a redesigned S-class). Rivalling the Rolls Royce was never easy but wasn’t impossible though, and Maybach could have definitely done better. However, after Mercedes having fully taking over Maybach now it will hopefully be able to build a truly wonderful luxury sedan, something that can be compared to the best in the world.

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