The New Generation Scorpio: updated prices and more

If you are considering an SUV, perhaps you should take a closer look at the New Generation Scorpio. With an all new chassis, it is powered by a 2.5-litre m2DICR engine (S2) and 2.2-litre mHawk diesel (S4, S6, S6+,S8 and S10) and comes in six variants.

New features include dual headlamps with projector unit (only in the S8 and S10 variants), LED eyebrows (S10 variant), floating hexagonal front grille unit, fender bezel, LED tail lamps, new rear tailgate, 17-inch wheels, an all new dashboard, a 6-inch touchscreen infotainment system with GPS navigation (S10 variant).

Kolkata: (in Lacs)
S2: Ex-showroom INR 8.50/ On-Road INR 9.46
S4: Ex-showroom INR 9.15/ On-Road INR 10.20
S4 4WD: Ex-showroom INR 10.32/ On-Road INR 11.49
S6: Ex-showroom INR 10.38/ On-Road INR 11.50
S6+: Ex-showroom INR 10.67/ On-Road INR 11.81
S8: Ex-showroom INR 11.50/ On-Road INR 12.72
S10: Ex-showroom INR 12.15/ On-Road INR 13.45
S10 4WD: Ex-showroom INR 13.29/ On-Road INR 14.70

Delhi: (in Lacs)
S2: Ex-showroom INR 8.40/ On-Road INR 9.61
S4: Ex-showroom INR 8.99/ On-Road INR 10.28
S4 4WD: Ex-showroom INR 10.11/ On-Road INR 11.91
S6: Ex-showroom INR 10.15/ On-Road INR 11.96
S6+: Ex-showroom INR 10.43/ On-Road INR 12.29
S8: Ex-showroom INR 11.32/ On-Road INR 13.32
S10: Ex-showroom INR 11.95/ On-Road INR 14.05
S10 4WD: Ex-showroom INR 13.05/ On-Road INR 15.33

Mumbai (in Lacs)
S2: Ex-showroom INR 7.98/ On-Road INR 9.71
S4: Ex-showroom INR 8.60/ On-Road INR 10.46
S4 4WD: Ex-showroom INR 9.72/ On-Road INR 11.91
S6: Ex-showroom INR 9.77/ On-Road INR 11.98
S6+: Ex-showroom INR 10.05/ On-Road INR 12.31
S8: Ex-showroom INR 10.84/ On-Road INR 13.28
S10: Ex-showroom INR 11.46/ On-Road INR 14.03
S10 4WD: Ex-showroom INR 12.55/ On-Road INR 15.35

Chennai (in Lacs)
S2: Ex-showroom INR 8.43/ On-Road INR 9.69
S4: Ex-showroom INR 9.08/ On-Road INR 10.42
S4 4WD: Ex-showroom INR 10.24/ On-Road INR 12.24
S6: Ex-showroom INR 10.15/ On-Road INR 12.15
S6+: Ex-showroom INR 10.44/ On-Road INR 12.48
S8: Ex-showroom INR 11.40/ On-Road INR 13.62
S10: Ex-showroom INR 12.05/ On-Road INR 14.38
S10 4WD: Ex-showroom INR 13.18/ On-Road INR 15.71

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