Exclusive updates on our in-house design ‘Project Cub’

More details on design, specs and features of the Cub are being released. Conceived in early 2012, Cub is a future ready mini SUV concept that combines the performance, stance & sportiness of an SUV; the compact frame of a hot hatch and the ride quality & features of a luxury sedan. It is an in-house design project of LTD-Licence to Drive and the first design that we intend to take forward and offer manufacturers for commercial production.

The Cub allows easy maneuverability and performance efficiency due to its compact size, while the bold styling gives it a rugged, muscular and sporty appeal, enhancing it’s road presence. Feature rich in head up navigation, vehicle data, entertainment and communication system makes driving pleasure and passenger comfort a priority. Technology enabled features and energy conserving specifications further improves efficiency & performance.

The Cub is a four door, four seater aimed at young, urban buyers who aspires for the comfort of a premium sedan, wants the muscle & stance of an SUV and the practicality of a hot hatch, all at the same time. It is an ideal vehicle for the dual income middle class nuclear family of upto four members, who have so much to do but so little time. Be it quick weekend getaways, picnics & long drives on the highway, or regular in-city chores like going to the movies, shopping, gym or ferrying the kids around – this is an able first car or a utility second car for the family.

Write in to us for more details.

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