Updates on my concept car project: The Mini SUV Code named ‘CUB’

We have code named our mini SUV concept ‘Cub’ – sporty as an SUV, luxurious as a sedan and compact as a hatchback. (Isn’t the name cool? I just love it!)

This is the first of our concepts that we plan to develop into a full scale vehicle someday. All our concepts are practical vehicles that have the potential to be commercially developed; and not some random space age stuff that just boasts of design capabilities and zero on-road capabilities. It’s really exciting to go through the entire process of creating a vehicle in your mind, work on the tech specs, feature list, design language and give it a definite shape. Since it is a collaborative project, we are going to share some details out here (not all) so that it keeps you all interested. And if anyone of you can meaningfully contribute to the development process, then you are most welcome to join in at an early stage as a sweat equity partner (learnt this term recently).

I am sharing the mood board for ‘Cub’ here. We have thought hard and developed this after thorough research within the category and the market. It includes characteristics, segment, buyer profile, design cues & inspiration, and a hint of the wow factors that will set this vehicle apart. If you have any cues on what it should have, do send in your feedback. I would love to hear from you all. And if possible we will include the feature and give credit where it is due. Currently we are working on the detailed sketches of each element and eventually will do the 3D modeling. Exams are keeping us slightly busy so more updates will come in by April 2012. Believe me, this will be one young beast on the roads, whenever it gets made!

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1 Comment

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    February 25, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    sweet,loved the design!

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