11th Auto Expo 2012 updates: Hyundai launches the all new Sonata

05 January 2012: The highlight of Hyundai’s showcase at the 11th Auto Expo 2012 was the all new Hyundai Sonata, incorporating their latest ‘fluidic’ design technology. Also showcased was the Hexa Space MUV concept, with a practical and user oriented design; the new Elantra which is being revived again; and the Veloster concept.

The new Hyundai Sonata: 

Clearly the show stopper here, the all new Sonata with it’s strong and aggressive lines and new design platform is an extremely good looking car. It’s one of the rare cars that made it from concept to production without changing most of its design elements. I also feel it is the only Hyundai car that actually incorporates their true design language. If priced in the sub Rs. 20 lac (US$ 35,000) range, this avatar of Sonata will be a game changer for Hyundai, which has been struggling to get it right in the luxury segment in India. Loaded to the brim with features that one expects in luxury sedans a few notch higher,  Sonata has a 2.4 litre GDI engine pumping out a healthy 200 bhp and 255 nm of torque coupled with a six speed manual or automatic transmission. The only drawback may be the lack of a diesel option.

First look rating- 9/10

The Hexa Space MUV: Concept

The Hexa Space shares the fluidic design with the Sonata and had a nicely contoured shape. It has sharp lines and an overdose of LED all around; but overall a great utility family vehicle. The interiors are refreshingly different with broad seats and the back doors were a cool sliding design. Very different. But the side view mirrors needed some more thought. No details on the engine or time of release were confirmed.

First look rating: 8/10 

The new Elantra:

Hyundai plan to relaunch the Elantra once again but I doubt it will cause much excitement in the market. Fluidic design that looks similar to the Verna from the front. Rarely has a relaunched car seen any success in the Indian market.

First look rating: 6/10 

Veloster: Concept

Sitting quietly in a corner of the Hyundai pavilion is the Veloster – an exciting concept that is a cross between a sporty coupe and a muscular crossover. Previewed first in the 10th Auto Expo, the Veloster is a 2 door beauty with a seamless design with nice contours and centrally placed dual exhausts (my favourite!). I particularly like the way the roof merges into the rear. Looks to be nearly production ready and may hit the roads some time.

First look rating: 9/10

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