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18 September 2011: Well it’s not really a car, but it is more expensive than it’s life size counterpart. Obscenely expensive that is. Scale models are an obsession, and many people have a complete collection of them. But only a few will afford to add this one to theirs.

Lamborghini’s latest offering, the Aventador is being touted as one of the greatest super cars in the world right now. It is certainly over the top, as all super cars are these days. But what’s more over the top is it’s 1:8 scale model that costs 12 times more than the real thing. The carbon fibre Aventador is hand crafted by modeler Robert Gulpen, who calls it ‘a piece of art’. The starting price? A hefty US$ 5 million. And you can’t even sit in it!

What makes it worth it’s super expensive price tag is a whole lot of stones. Diamonds actually, and some gold and platinum. The headlights, seats and steering are all made from solid diamonds, with intricate gold stitching. And the wheels have a gold and platinum finish. The stones themselves are worth around US$ 2.7 million. And the fact that it is hand crafted by an expert makes up for the rest of the cost.

As someone rightly said, no machine can match the human touch. And this one is available on eBay, so go check it out! 

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