Bentley Motors Launches the Bentley Environmental Foundation

Bentley Motors has taken a significant step forward in its sustainability journey by unveiling the Bentley Environmental Foundation. This milestone is part of Bentley’s ambitious Beyond100 strategy, reinforcing the company’s commitment to supporting global sustainability initiatives. The foundation aims to drive innovative, next-generation solutions to tackle environmental challenges and contribute to rejuvenation and regeneration beyond carbon neutrality.

Commitment to Sustainable Initiatives

Building upon their Beyond100 strategy, Bentley Motors has launched the Bentley Environmental Foundation, illustrating their dedication to promoting sustainable practices globally. The foundation will provide support to various initiatives, starting with prominent launch partners such as Project Drawdown, The Biomimicry Institute, and Sustainable Surf. These partnerships aim to address environmental challenges through cutting-edge projects.

Opening Doors to Public and Employee Support

Both the public and its employees are invited to contribute to the Bentley Environmental Foundation by making donations starting from 13 June 2023 onwards. The collective efforts will magnify the environmental impact of the partnered initiatives, fostering a sense of shared responsibility towards a sustainable future.

Pioneering Grant-Making Approach

Grounded in extensive research and analysis of existing initiatives, Bentley has developed an innovative approach to modern grant-making within the environmental space. The company is committed to creating next-generation solutions to environmental challenges. By taking a three-pronged approach to grant-making, the foundation aims to accelerate decarbonisation (‘drawdown’), support environmental change makers, and reimagine sustainable luxury.

Bentley’s Financial Commitment

Bentley Motors demonstrates its dedication to the Bentley Environmental Foundation by initiating a direct contribution of £3 million this year. This financial support marks the initial step in supporting carefully selected charities and non-profits, working in partnership with Bentley to effect lasting, effective environmental change.

Adrian Hallmark, Bentley Motors Chairman and CEO, emphasized the boldness of the Beyond100 strategy, which aims to reinvent Bentley and transition into a fully electric car business by 2030. However, he emphasized that addressing environmental impact is not solely about the car itself. Hence, the Bentley Environmental Foundation will fund pioneering initiatives to engage customers and innovators in seeking breakthrough technologies and solutions that combat climate change effectively.

Christoph Hohmann, Head of Global Brand Communications, expressed excitement about the foundation’s launch and emphasised Bentley’s approach of co-creation to implement projects with real, long-term environmental impacts. The launch of the foundation is strategically supported by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), ensuring the investment achieves maximum impact through expert advice on structure, governance, reporting, and selecting charity partners.

Supporting Environmental Innovations

The Bentley Environmental Foundation follows a Funding Plus model, leveraging Bentley’s reach and reputation to drive environmental innovation that might otherwise be overlooked. The foundation is committed to radical transparency, encouraging public involvement and focusing on delivering measurable impacts.

The Launch Partners

Project Drawdown, a global leader in climate solutions, is partnering with the Bentley Foundation to launch the Drawdown Labs Capital Accelerator. This initiative enables philanthropists and investors to aggregate their impact and learn from leading scientists and engineers, with an open-source plan for increasing climate action impact. The Capital Accelerator aims to influence up to $100 billion in capital flows to climate solutions by 2025.

The Bentley supported “Ray of Hope Fellowship” by The Biomimicry Institute aims to amplify changemakers leading the way towards a nature-inspired future. The Fellowship seeks to support innovative solutions and help innovators scale their projects, contributing to a meaningful impact on the environment. The initiative intends to support 10 startups or around 30 changemakers per year, with a focus on nature-inspired solutions.

Sustainable Surf, a California-based non-profit, is dedicated to regenerating the health of the ocean planet and reversing climate change using the power of surfing. The Bentley Foundation’s support will fund Sustainable Surf’s SeaTrees program, expanding restoration projects into Europe for the first time. This initiative aims to plant and protect mangrove trees, seagrass meadows, and kelp forests through local restoration partners in Kenya, Portugal, and Spain.

The unveiling of the Bentley Environmental Foundation stands as a testament to Bentley Motors’ commitment to environmental sustainability and its vision to drive innovation and positive change. The foundation’s collaborative efforts with diverse partners aim to bring about impactful environmental solutions, and the invitation to the public and employees to contribute emphasizes the importance of collective action in creating a sustainable future.

Bentley Motors continues to pave the way in the luxury automotive industry, setting an inspiring example for sustainable practices and environmental responsibility.

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