Land Rover introduces curated travel experiences branded as Defender Journeys

Jaguar Land Rover has introduced specially curated travel experiences, Defender Journeys, in India. This is a self-drive, multi-day, adventure program, in Defender vehicles, that will include many aspirational and sought-after itineraries across India. Each Defender Journey will include luxury stays and hospitality, lifestyle experiences, cultural immersion and drive across some of the most iconic routes in India with off-road trails, that offer a complete Defender driving experience. There will be 5 Defenders deployed in each journey, thus offering just 5 drive slots, to provide a highly exclusive and personalised experience. Each journey is an experience of a lifetime.  

To begin with, four Defender Journeys have been curated, and the first Defender Journey – Konkan Experience – is scheduled from 16 January 2023. 

Konkan Experience

A journey between Goa and Bengaluru over seven days, to explore the towns along the Konkan coast, the hills of the Western Ghats and everything in between. The Konkan Experience is an adventure filled with surprises, whether it is exploring the beaches that dot the coast or sipping artisanal coffee in the cool mountain air. It includes luxurious accommodations that offer rich culinary experiences and exciting activities.

Nilgiri Experience

A journey between Bengaluru and Coimbatore, surrounded by lush nature, through the Western Ghats, and the famous tea plantations of the Nilgiris. Over seven days, The Nilgiri Experience includes travel through majestic forests, exploring a tiger reserve, stay in luxurious locations, and unwinding with a gorgeous sunset cruise.

Coromandel Experience

A journey between Coimbatore and Chennai across the Eastern Ghats and the extraordinary coast that straddles the Bay of Bengal. The Coromandel Experience is a culturally rich journey providing complete immersion into the region’s colourful heritage and tradition. 

Malabar Experience

A journey between Coimbatore and Kochi to explore the region filled with unique geography, tranquil backwaters, unspoiled beaches, rich culture and spices. The Malabar Experience is a pursuit that will amaze at every step of the way and more.

More journeys will be curated and introduced throughout 2023, and Jaguar Land Rover India has authorised Cougar Motorsport to plan and execute Defender Journeys in India. A team of trained Land Rover instructors will lead and guide every journey to make the overall experience seamless and convenient for participating clients. 

For more information on Defender Journeys, click here.

To register for the upcoming Defender Journeys call Cougar Motorsport on +91 8800860430.

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