On-demand delivery service rules. But who rules their delivery boys on the roads?

Now you may ask #LogicKyaHai? But consider this.

When your favourite online brand delivers at your doorstep or hot food reaches you in 30 minutes, you marvel at the strides we have taken in tech-led economics. But most often, the last mile of the on-demand delivery service model for e-commerce happens at great risk. Every new e-commerce business that starts up, adds to the risk of thousands of delivery boys who throw caution to the wind, crisscrossing busy urban cities at great speeds, with their over-sized order bags. Racing against time, to reach customers on time.

Think of the average Saturday evening for a delivery boy who navigates through exhaust fumes and rush hour traffic, often working beyond permissible work hours, just to deliver pizzas within 30 minutes. If he doesn’t, the customer gets it for free, and his manager may well decide to deduct the bill value from his salary. For the customer, it’s a great deal. And for the company, it’s an efficient business model that keeps the work force on its toes. But the hardships and tumultuous conditions that the delivery boy faces can be extremely grave, as he is under pressure from both sides – the company and the customer.

These high-pressure working scenarios get much worse when you take into account the extreme environmental conditions that lead to stress, fatigue and irreversible medical conditions. At such times, the worse possible outcomes are often the most frequent ones, with regular reports of accidents involving loss of life and property.

Safety on the road is everyone’s responsibility. And we can all contribute towards a more positive outcome. So let’s not demand a ‘30-minute or free’ service next time. A pizza in 45 minutes can be as flavourful. If you are an e-commerce start up, do things differently. Incentivise your delivery team for everything else, but on-road speed. Give them brownie points for hygiene and soft skills, not race track thrills. Because on the road, that kills.

Thankfully, peace of mind can now also be achieved by taking certain precautions that are available online. While safety and life is of utmost importance, vehicle damage can cause a severe financial setback as well. From life insurance to bike insurance, everything can be bought at the click of a button today. Insurance companies like Bharti AXA offer two wheeler insurance online, which cover vehicle damage or theft, cashless repairs, and offer 24×7 claim assistance. Getting a comprehensive two wheeler insurance with third party cover is not just a protection against unforeseen eventualities; it actually makes great business sense too. After all, it keeps the wheels of business running 24×7 and for the on-demand delivery service eco system that is their raison d’être. Now if that doesn’t make logical sense, nothing else will.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Bharti AXA. All thoughts and content are of the LTD editorial team’s own.

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