Mesmerizing Felipe Massa shows off his skills off the track!

Scuderia Ferrari F1 driver Felipe Massa with Nitin Prasad, Country Manager, Shell Lubricants India

25 October 2012: The excitement levels ahead of the Formula 1 Airtel Indian Grand Prix 2012 touched new heights today as Scuderia Ferrari driver Felipe Massa showcased his skills off the track at the ‘Shell Helix Cocktail Masterclass’. The exclusive event with a unique format saw Massa prepare a special cocktail with an array of ingredients, which drew an analogy with the various elements that go into the making of the superior formula of Shell Helix Ultra engine oil. The ‘Shell Helix Cocktail Masterclass’ also celebrates 500+ races and over 60 years of a strong technical partnership between Shell and Ferrari.

Raghav Sarma from Licence to Drive

Shell’s partnership with Ferrari has been quite successful, and Ferrari has seen considerable success over the years and is one of the most successful F1 teams of all times. And this would not have been possible without Shell, whose technical partnership provides an environment to test new fuels and motor oils in extreme conditions and hence, a better understanding of what will deliver improved power and performance. High quality lubricants and fuels are one of the most important supplement that enables the car to deliver that much more performance that can eventually decide whether or not you win the race. FIA allows a total of eight engines allocated for use by each driver during Grand Prix season, which stretches across 20 gruelling races. Under such conditions, it becomes critical for engines to last longer and perform at its optimum and Shell Helix Ultra engine lubrication provides the right level of protection on the track. The multi-tasking Shell Helix motor oil has five main tasks: to lubricate, to clean, to absorb heat, to minimize power loss through friction and to combat engine wear. The Shell Helix Active Cleansing Technology in particular, is specially formulated to clean as it protects the engine, helping prevent dirt built up and providing a smoother and more responsive drive.

Mixology in progress

Talking about his experience, Scuderia Ferrari driver Felipe Massa said “The work behind the scenes in Formula One never stops. This mixology masterclass has been an exciting way to discover and learn about the complicated process behind blending that perfect engine oil which will hopefully give us an edge in an extremely competitive sport”.

What goes on in the track is seen by the world, but a large number of scientists and engineers work round the clock behind the scene to ensure that everything works with clockwork precision. And this was the highlight of the event. And now let the race begin…

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