A legendary collaboration

A legendary collaboration- 30 August 2011: Well, what would the result be if Italian design house Zagato joined hands with legendary English marquee Aston Martin? The Aston Martin V12 Zagato of course! Designed to commemorate 50 years of partnership since the DB4GT, the V12 Zagato is arguably the best looking car in the world. And since only about 150 will be made, it will also be one of the most exclusive cars that money can buy.When it first made it’s debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show as a racing prototype, it straight away won the Concorso d’Eleganza for concept cars and prototypes at Ville d’Este at Lake Corno, Italy. Now that’s what you call love at first sight!

And the V12 Zagato is something that you can fall for easily. It looks stunning from almost every angle, and every part seems to be aerodynamically functional. The air diffuser below the exhaust outlets improve stability at high speeds and helps in better cornering. So what we have here is actually a full on racing machine. Based on the V12 Vantage, it uses a modified engine and chassis of the same. The V12 engine has a peak power of about 510 bhp and 600 nm of torque. The Zagato offers fully customized interior and handcrafted leather. The V12 Zagato will be available by 2012, at an expected price tag of a whopping US$ 550,000! This somewhat describes what the V12 Zagato is all about.

According to Aston Martin, all it’s cars should have three things – power, beauty and soul. A single glance at the V12 Zagato is enough to reveal it’s beauty. A look at the stats would tell you that it definitely has power. It’s difficult to define soul, but hopefully the Zagato has it.

The V12 Zagato is a true blue Aston, and a true blue super car; beautiful, exclusive and very very expensive!

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