From LA to Hawaii: Maserati Multi70 sets sail for an epic ocean adventure

Maserati Multi70, alongside the remarkable Giovanni Soldini, embarked on the prestigious Transpacific Yacht Race, also known as “Transpac.” – a revered biennial event, tracing its roots back to 1906. An exhilarating journey that covers a breathtaking distance of approximately 2,225 miles from the vibrant California coast to the tropical paradise of Honolulu, Hawaii, the epic endeavour is no ordinary race.

This season, Maserati Multi70 earned the distinction of becoming the first racing multihull to be fuelled by a full electric system. This groundbreaking trimaran has undergone remarkable enhancements, diligently engineered and refined by the brilliant minds at the Maserati Innovation Lab. Notable enhancements include upgraded solar panel surfaces and the development of a feather-light yet powerful battery that elevates its performance to the next level.

With over sixty boats vying for victory, the Transpacific Yacht Race fleet gathered over a schedule of three days, on the starting line off Point Fermin, where the signal for the multihulls was given on 01 July 2023 at 11:55 a.m. local time (6:55 p.m. UTC; 8:55 p.m. Italian time). Among Maserati Multi70’s notable rivals were the American MOD 70s Argo, led by the seasoned skipper Jason Carroll and esteemed navigator Brian Thompson, and Orion, commanded by the talented skipper Justin Shaffer. Alongside the illustrious Giovanni Soldini, an exceptional team of professionals set sail, including Guido Broggi (ITA), Oliver Herrera Perez (ESP), Francesco Malingri (ITA), Francesco Pedol (ITA), Matteo Soldini (ITA), and Lucas Valenza-Troubat (FRA).

As the voyage unfolded, strategic decisions and calculated manoeuvres become paramount. Giovanni Soldini shared his insights, emphasizing the importance of seizing the wind advantage early on, ensuring a favourable course with winds gradually turning to their advantage as they approach the radiant shores of Hawaii. Navigating a challenging path fraught with potential encounters with floating obstacles and technical hurdles, it was a race that promised to test their mettle until the very end.

The racecourse unveiled its own set of challenges, steering close to the Pacific trash vortex, a notorious plastic island, heightening the risks of collisions. Maserati Multi70 has faced this peril head-on in previous editions, having endured the damage caused by encounters with ocean debris.

The Transpacific Yacht Race, etched into the annals of maritime history, stands tall as one of the longest-running offshore competitions worldwide. Since its inception in 1906, it has grown in significance and prestige, evolving into the preeminent event of its kind in the vast expanse of the Pacific. The starting line at Pt. Fermin, Los Angeles, urged the fleet to chart a course that left Catalina Island in the wake of typical seasonal weather conditions accompanied by headwinds, propelling them for much of the race towards the finish line at Diamond Head, Honolulu, Hawaii.

From the glimmering coastline of LA to the enchanting allure of Hawaii, Maserati Multi70 rode the waves in a fine display of luxury, adventure, and unrivalled performance; amidst the spirit of the Transpacific Yacht Race that celebrates the art of nautical excellence.

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