Mahindra unveils its EV universe built on the modular INGLO platform

London/ Mumbai: Mahindra & Mahindra unveiled its new state-of-the-art INGLO EV platform and five e-SUVs under two EV brands showcasing its vision for the future of electric mobility.

Mahindra’s vision is to lead the electric mobility revolution in India by bringing authentic electric SUVs with cutting-edge technology, through the three key strategic pillars of Brand, Design and Technology.


Bringing alive the sport in electric SUVs, Mahindra unveiled two new brands, created specifically to house the company’s EV portfolio – brand XUV with the Twin Peak logo in Copper and the all-new electric-only brand called BE (Born Electric). Brand XUV will host a range of products that builds upon the Mahindra legacy while embracing the future. With a sophisticated futuristic design, pulsating performance and dynamic innovation, it is targeted at customers who have the passion to live life beyond boundaries while making a difference. The bold, evocative and exhilarating BE brand, with its audacious new design language will target customers who want to define their life’s journey their own way while making a difference: A brand that will let customers be who they want to be. The manifestation of these two brands have been showcased via five e-SUVs: the XUV.e8, XUV.e9, BE.05, BE.07 and BE.09. The first four of these are to be launched between 2024 and 2026.


Common to these SUVs is the Mahindra new Heartcore design philosophy – a blend of unmissable presence, inner strength and attitude. Breaking new ground, these all-new e-SUVs will create an electrifying presence, both on the road and off it, while retaining the Mahindra core SUV heritage.

INGLO Technology:

Indian at heart and global in its reach, the INGLO platform encapsulates progressive battery technology, platform architecture, brain power and human machine interface. The name also symbolizes the flow and exchange of energy and emotion, a GLO of well-being, a system that brings complete harmony.

The cutting-edge INGLO platform will underpin all the Mahindra EVs going forward. The purpose-built platform will pack intuitive, intelligent and immersive innovations that will serve as the backbone of the Mahindra EV architecture and is the heart of its ultimate human-machine interface.

INGLO offers class-leading safety standards, performance, range, efficiency, driving dynamics, versatility and intelligent HMI. INGLO also delivers a multi-sensorial driving experience with a futuristic, augmented reality-enabled heads-up display, edge-to-edge screen, 5G network capability and Over-The-Air updates that will keep the EVs as good as new.

INGLO platform capabilities:

  • Adaptability: INGLO offers endless adaptability, an optimised architecture that gives rise to modular and scalable design, and allows Mahindra to create electric SUVs that fit consumer desires and lifestyles. Other than the versatility of INGLO, it also offers significant reduction in underbody weight, leading to one of the lightest skateboards.
  • Efficiency: A giant leap in battery science with safe and robust LFP chemistry, Mahindra electric vehicles will follow a common battery pack design with lean modules and standardised cell-to-pack technology using two different cutting-edge cell architectures – Blade and Prismatic. Offered with options ranging from 60-80 kWhr battery capacity, protected for an incredible 175 kW fast-charge and charging up to 80% in less than 30 minutes. The intelligent and efficient Battery Management System with high precision, enhanced robustness and functional safety will deliver improved range, longevity and safety. Its high number of charge-discharge cycles coupled with a long lifespan will also help reduce waste.
  • Performance: A compact all-in-one electric engine with motor-inverter-transmission integrated into a single unit forms the powertrain, offered with both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive, developing a remarkable 170-210 kW and a whopping 250-290 kW respectively. Standstill to 100 kmph is promised in between 5 and 6 seconds.
  • Range: Performance is matched with an efficient powertrain and high-voltage systems. The powertrain is optimised to offer class-leading range, with the added advantage of an intelligent electronic brake system that offers best-in-class recuperation potential. Enhanced aerodynamics, reduced rolling resistance with 5.5 RRC tires and sophisticated zero-drag wheel bearings, high-efficiency cooling & HVAC system with minimal power consumption and best-in-class low voltage power consumption contribute to the overall efficiency.
  • Vehicle Dynamics: A best-in-class semi-active suspension system provides excellent ride comfort , enhanced handling and an immersive sporty drive experience. The dual-pinion high-power steering system ensures feather-light steering efforts and precise control. The brake-by-wire technology is completely decoupled from the hydraulic system; this allows multiple brake modes for pedal feel and recuperation. Those behind the wheel will enjoy the Intelligent Drive Modes that govern various aspects including modulation of powertrain response, suspension response, brake feel, electronic stability control intervention and many more features at the touch of a button.
  • Safety: The electric SUVs are designed to meet the highest vehicle safety norms and utmost safety for batteries such as GNCAP and not just limited to regulatory compliance. All the e-SUVs will come with a structural cage around the passenger cabin specially designed for reduced passenger injury. The frontal design of the Body-In-White is enhanced with three load paths and a multi-piece dash panel with reinforcement and battery protection is ensured by ultra-high strength boron steel. The new e-SUVs are tested at the world’s largest battery development and testing centre. With 5 Radars-1 Vision ADAS architecture, INGLO is futureproofed up to L2+ autonomy.
  • Versatility: Slim cockpits and a flat floor create generous and flexible interiors, giving control of seat configurability and space versatility such as frunk and trunk storage. With Vehicle To Load (V2L) functionality, the car can be turned into a portable power bank, allowing you to charge your phone or laptop, or take any household appliance on the road with you.
  • Human-Machine Interface: INGLO boasts a complex neural network of built-in intelligence that performs millions of reactions and decisions per second. Leapfrogging to a centralised computation structure with three high performance computers, provides for an integrated computational platform to deploy right down to micro. INGLO leverages the cloud seamlessly by implementing an embedded 5G network capability and keeps vehicles as good as new through Over The Air updates (SOTA + FOTA). Latest systems of chips from global semiconductor vendors contribute to move to up-to-date tech nodes of semiconductor wafer processes: 200K DMIPS computing power via Dual Octa-core processor and offering 1920 x 720 pixels HD resolution. Aided by strong software partners to deliver world-class product features.

Mahindra’s Electric SUVs: proposed launch month and details


Dimensions: L x W x H: 4740 x 1900 x 1760 mm | Wheelbase 2762 mm

Launch: December 2024

Based on INGLO Platform. A combination of performance, best-in-class technology and safety. The intelligent all-wheel drive system along with sophisticated cabin, offers supreme ride comfort both on and off the road.


Dimensions: L x W x H: 4790 x 1905 x 1690 mm | Wheelbase 2775 mm

Launch: April 2025

Based on INGLO Platform. A modern design with the strengths of an authentic SUV combined with the aerodynamic silhouette of a coupe. Intelligent interiors with a panoramic sky roof.


Dimensions: L x W x H: 4370 x 1900 x 1635 mm | Wheelbase 2775 mm

Launch: October 2025

Based on INGLO Platform. A standout Sports Electric Vehicle (SEV) in the truest sense, making it a category in itself. A racing inspired bold design complemented seamlessly by multi-sensory experiences.


Dimensions: L x W x H: 4565 x 1900 x 1660 mm | Wheelbase 2775 mm

Launch: October 2026

Based on INGLO Platform. A family space, to explore places with people. Designed to offer a first-class experience, with versatility, configurable profiles and curated multi-sensory experiences.


Dimensions: TBC

Launch: TBC

Based on INGLO platform. A head turning SUV grand tourer with a chiseled design, dynamic roof and solid stance. Allowing four passengers a first-class experience.

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