The first MG Motor Experience Centre opens in India

Morris Garages, better known as MG Motor has opened its first experience store in India, at Milestone Experion Centre, Sector-15, Gurugram. The one-of-a-kind flagship store will also house the brand’s sales operations, is a sharp departure from a typical car showroom. Activating its widespread network of 120 centers across India, MG, along with its first Indian dealers, celebrated the inauguration and commenced bookings for the company’s first car in the country – the Hector. The carmaker aims to further expand its network to a total of 250 centres across India by September this year. Customers can schedule test drives for the MG Hector from the nearest showroom from 15 June onwards.

The store has been designed under the brand’s “Emotional Dynamism” philosophy with contemporary brand elements and slick colour palettes. It has a unique exterior façade grill in the shape of an “Upturned Mountain”, signifying the confluence of sky and earth. Inside, the store demonstrates the brand’s experience-first approach through intelligent and creative elements.

Visitors are greeted with British cultural icons such as the Big Ben, the Union Jack, telephone booths and street lamps, that are incorporated as design elements. The MG History Wall’s Magna strip and brickwork texture further accentuate the brand’s strong connection with UK. A host of curated MG memorabilia is strategically placed around the entrance, informing visitors of the brand’s past glories. The MG Carfé on the other hand is about conversations over coffee. A 1965 MG Midget on display reflects upon the MG legacy as a premium carmaker of a bygone era.

The interior is in sharp contrast and underlines MG’s proposition as a new-age carmaker. A large video wall of 36 connected TVs plays artfully-created brand videos to engage visitors with immersive content about the brand’s history and future vision. This coming together of the past and the present represents the amalgamation of MG’s rich British heritage with its future-ready outlook.

The store also has a section with various vehicle components – such as the “Engineering Corner” featuring the 48V Hybrid engine – on display, along with engravings of other state-of-the-art features integrated into MG’s range of internet vehicles.

Customers can approach the configurator wall to define their own MG experience. They can have their choice of model, transmission type, and fuel variant, before proceeding to customise the look, feel and accessories that their MGs will come equipped with. At 55″ per screen, the configurator wall has the largest live configurator screen and is set up in a 6-by-6 format (36 screens) ensuring an immersive experience. By adding such modern elements to amplify its brand legacy, MG has essentially taken the in-store customer experience to the next level.

The carmaker has also moved to its new corporate headquarters in Gurugram, ahead of the MG Hector’s launch scheduled in the next few weeks. The self-owned property is located in the same building as the flagship store.  Designed under the “Queen’s Necklace” theme, the modern office space is designed to recreate the look, feel, and essence of a classic British street. The new office will be the hub of MG’s India operations, and underlines the brand’s emphasis on an open work culture, collaboration, and innovation. The new working space will bring together the company’s core values which are based on the four pillars of community, innovation, diversity, and experiences. Women professionals currently comprise 32% of the brand’s employee base in India – the highest in the Indian auto industry.

Built under an overall investment of INR 150 crore, both facilities – including the company-owned flagship showroom on the ground floor – have received “Indian Green Building Council LEED India 2011 Core & Shell – Platinum & GRIHA v2015 – 4-star” environmental certification.

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