The Volvo XC40 is youthful, intuitive and built around you

Rarely does one come across technology that transcends its purpose to become more than just a feat of engineering. Or a mere tool in your hands. And when one does, it is magical.

The Volvo XC40 is one such experience – a marvellous tech-enabled disruption that brings  automobile engineering closer to a human level. Sculpted with care with a distinct youthful character, it is built around you to simplify everyday life on the move.

Just a week with the XC40 was enough for us to appreciate the little things that Volvo has taken care of while creating it. The attention to detail shines through the moment you step in and intuitively slip your laptop bag into the front door pocket. It surprises you for a moment, but then you realise that Volvo intentionally made the pockets deep enough to fit laptop bags. Sync your smartphone just once, and the music starts magically from where you left, every time you step in again and press the engine start/ stop button. Or place the phone in the specially designed space in the tunnel console to charge it wirelessly. These are just a few of the many examples where one feature or the other perfectly fits your need in any given situation. And the XC40 manages to do it with such nonchalance and panache.

Be it the intuitiveness of the infotainment system, the ingenious storage solutions, or the expressive design, it all comes together to build a human thing that talks to the next generation of car buyers. While a full review will be up shortly, here is an exclusive photoshoot with the gorgeous machine.

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