The #Delhi6 Antique Story. #ShotOnPlay2

A trip to Old Delhi can be anxiety inducing. But then it has its moments. On a recent trip to #Delhi6, in the midst of the traditional and the old, we discovered quite a bit of the new.

For starters, a new street food experience. When in Old Delhi, food is always part of the plan. But this time we decided to make random pitstops wherever the locals hung out, and not follow the more well documented food trails. And it was well worth it, with each experience outdoing the one before. Keep an eye for street hawkers as you walk down, and wherever there is a motley crowd, just stop and eat. They are always eager to please, serving up fluffy daulat ki chaat, deep fried tikkis, rabri kulfi, spiced milky chai and more, to a stream of old faithfuls who patiently wait for their turn.

With food out of the way, we finally made it to Vintage Crafts, jostling through a sea of humanity. A somewhat nondescript antique shop that is difficult to access, but quite popular amongst those who know. A bargain hunt for vintage lamps, gramophones, clocks, telephones, telescopes, hour glasses, compass and other such delightful stuff, prices here start from a mere INR 100 and top up at about INR 3000 for most items on your wish list. Ideal for retro themed home & office decor, film shoots & ad. campaigns, their products are manufactured in Bijnor (UP) and travel across the world. They make excellent gifting ideas for weddings and parties, with large quantities of the same product available with a bit of advance notice.

How to get there? 

Vintage Crafts is 500 metres from Chawri Bazar Metro Station.


5068, 1st Floor, Chawri Bazar Road, Hauz Qazi, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi.

Happy hunting.

Here’s a peak of Vintage Crafts #ShotOnPlay2 by #Noise – an easy to carry action camera for video on-the-go.

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