Jaguar Land Rover offers advanced connectivity features in flagship models

Jaguar Land Rover India has started offering advanced connectivity features on the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Discovery.

Features such as Protect, Remote Premium and Secure Tracker are now a part of the InControl Package, the in-built communication and connectivity hub. The vehicles come equipped with 4G capable Wi-Fi Hotspot, and as an extension Land Rover Optimised Assistance and SOS Emergency Call under Protect, Remote Premium and Secure Tracker have been added.

In an event of a vehicle break down, the user can now request immediate assistance by pressing the ‘Optimised Assistance’ button on the left side of the overhead console. This action establishes communication between the vehicle user and a helpline operator who will guide the breakdown service unit directly to the vehicle. Assistance can also be triggered from the InControl Remote Smartphone App. In a more serious incident, SOS Emergency Call will automatically connect the user to the emergency response team who will notify the emergency services to the user’s location. Emergency Assistance can also be triggered manually by the user by pressing the button on the right hand side of the overhead console.

Remote Premium provides information on the vehicle to the user and enables the user to interact with the vehicle remotely. The smartphone app allows users to remotely activate the vehicle heating and cooling to the desired temperature before they enter the vehicle. The user can also remotely lock or unlock the vehicle, receive alerts when the vehicle alarm is sounding, remotely beep and flash the car to help locate it in crowded parking spaces and where available, remotely use the seat fold function.

Should a vehicle be tampered with or in the case of an attempted vehicle theft, Secure Tracker will trigger a theft notification to the ‘Stolen Vehicle Tracking Centre’ that will immediately alert the registered InControl user of the vehicle and if requested by the local law enforcement agency, pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle for recovery.

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