Mahindra Electric launches a VR drive experience for e2oPlus

Mahindra Electric has launched a Virtual Reality (VR) based drive experience for its electric vehicle, the e2oPlus. Enabled through VR headsets, the experience highlights the technical features and key attributes of the vehicle and communicates it through an immersive experience of the vehicle. Available at select Mahindra dealerships, the campaign aims to expand the base of people who can experience electric mobility first hand, as well as deliver an advanced test drive experience to enable the faster adoption of EVs.

Auto manufacturers are constantly looking at new ways of leveraging technology and digital mediums to reach out to customers, and the launch of this experience is a step in that direction. It is an opportunity to deliver the electric mobility experience to a wider audience, making it more immersive and experiential.

The Virtual Reality based drive experience for the e2oPlus is currently available at select Mahindra dealerships and is also delivered to customers before a door step test drive, which can be booked on the Mahindra e2oPlus website

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