Mercedes-Benz offers Pit stop service across AMG Performance Centers in India

Mercedes-Benz has launched its first ever dedicated AMG Service Bay at the AMG Performance Centre, Pune, aiming to offer highly personalized, prioritized servicing at the shortest turnaround time. The AMG Bays will have the look and feel of a Motorsports Pit stop, with trained manpower from Affalterbach and the Mercedes-Benz Academy working on the AMG and Specialty cars using AMG special tools.

The service will be soon launched in six other AMG Performance Centers across the country; in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and recently inaugurated APCs in Chennai and Kochi.

AMG is a fast growing performance tribe in India, and this initiative aims to create a tangible service differentiation for customers. Personalization will be taken to the next level, with spares airfreighted without any extra cost to customers, if they are not available at the APC workshop. Customers can also oversee their cars being serviced personally and directly interact with the trained technicians.

AMG has a leadership position in the performance car segment in India, and the service experience aims to sustain it further.

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