Ontario creates new demonstration zone AVIN for autonomous cars

New Delhi, 13 November 2017: The province of Ontario, Canada has reinforced its status as a go-to destination for developing automated vehicles with the launch of a unique demonstration zone AVIN (Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network). This is a first of its kind zone in Canada, which will allow researchers to hone the technology and test an AV in a wide range of everyday, real-life traffic scenarios, and improve this cutting-edge technology.

The province is partnering with Ontario Centres of Excellence in AVIN, which will bring together industry and academia to capitalize on the economic opportunities of connected and autonomous vehicles (C/AV), while developing the emerging technology and infrastructure.

Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario at the launch of AVIN
The government is investing $80 million over five years in AVIN, which would also foster collaboration among automakers, technology leaders and Ontario-based small and medium-sized enterprises to develop and commercialize C/AV technologies. A Talent Development Program would support internships and fellowships for students/ graduates with Ontario companies advancing C/AV technologies; and a new online destination Central Hub would act as a focal point to conduct research, share information, build connections and raise awareness among industry, research institutions and other interested C/AV stakeholders. 

Ontario is North America’s seventh-largest economy and Canada’s largest centre for banking, insurance and capital markets. Its diverse and innovative economy has an educated and talented workforce, low business costs and generous incentives for R&D. It has emerged as North America’s top vehicle-producing jurisdiction, and second only to California for information and communications technology companies. More than 150 Ontario companies and organizations are active in the province’s C/AV industry, employing almost 10,000 people.

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