Harley-Davidson’s Passport to Freedom reaches Indian Military Academy

Dehradun, 05 June 2017: Harley-Davidson India conducted an exclusive edition of Passport to Freedom for the cadets at Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun. The special session was organized on 3rd June 2017 by PowerDrift at the IMA premises, and saw officers and cadets bonding over a shared passion for motorcycling.

The IMA embraces virtues of freedom, camaraderie and trust, and Harley-Davidson celebrates the same values. Many cadets at IMA love motorcycling and look at ways to nurture their passion, and Passport to Freedom is one such opportunity. This was the first time that any motorcycle brand was conducting an event of this sort at the Academy, and introducing simple techniques to young cadets that can help them significantly improve their riding skills.

The exclusive session was curated by seasoned rider and motorcycle expert Rohal Albal from PowerDrift, who spoke about techniques to improve riding skills and addressed queries around effective braking, slow speed handling, defensive riding techniques and road signs and signals. The sessions at IMA will be conducted annually to support and enable aspiring riders to acquire the skills needed to hit the road with confidence.

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