Ford Survey reveals gaps in Indian driving habits viz-a-viz fuel efficiency

New Delhi, 28 November 2016: A recent fuel efficiency survey commissioned by Ford Motor Company across 11 markets in Asia Pacific covering 9,500 drivers threw up some interesting results. The Indian leg of the survey covered 1,023 respondents, and when asked about their driving habits, 95% percent claimed they knew how to drive their car for maximum fuel efficiency, and 96% said they make a concerted effort to drive efficiently on a daily basis. But the results revealed a few gaps.

40% Indian drivers didn’t think harsh accelerating and braking negatively affect their car’s fuel consumption. The fact is that braking harshly or taking off too quickly does consume additional fuel.

26% Indian drivers believed that keeping the engine running while idling will save more fuel. Whereas turning the engine off and restarting it again is actually more efficient.

78% drivers were also unaware about the fuel efficiency benefits of the cruise control function. Cruise control does help minimise fuel wastage by maintaining a constant speed, avoiding unnecessary braking and accelerating.

Only 27% drivers knew how to use GPS to map the quickest route before heading out. GPS can actually improve mileage by checking the best route in real time and save both time and money.

52% drivers did not know that driving in hilly areas can affect fuel consumption. Whereas fact is that a mountain drive or going uphill consumes more fuel than driving on a flat, straight road.

73% respondents were unaware that cold weather affects a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Cold weather does reduce fuel economy significantly as it takes longer for the engine to reach its most efficient temperature. 64% respondents also did not think hot weather has any effect either. In warmer weather, using the air-conditioner in highways is fine, but at lower speeds it may result in higher fuel consumption.

35% drivers knew that removing heavy items or clutter from the car can help save fuel. It is a fact that 20 kg excess weight can reduce fuel economy by roughly 1%.

1 in 3 drivers were also unaware that regular servicing helps save fuel, and more than half, i.e. 58% were unaware that regularly checking tire pressure also helps save fuel. Fact is that a properly maintained vehicle and correctly inflated tires can help stretch fuel further.

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