Uber tests self-driving Volvo SUVs on the road

Pittsburg: Uber is now testing out the newest member of its self-driving vehicle fleet, the Volvo XC90 SUVs on the streets of Pittsburgh. As of last month, the set of Uber self-driving Volvos were under development, and this has been one of the first instances when the vehicle was spotted in public.

Uber’s small fleet of self-driving Ford Fusions, with ‘Uber’ stenciled on the sides and an array of cameras and sensors on the roof, have been on the road since early September.

Uber has a deal with Volvo to purchase 100 cars by the end of 2016, outfitting them with the ride-hail company’s autonomous hardware. With Volvo’s fanatical focus on safety and Uber’s tech getting together, this is one vehicle project that would be followed with keen interest. While Volvo is providing the vehicle infrastructure, Uber is ultimately responsible for the functionality and safety of its autonomous driving technology.

Volvo’s very own DriveMe technology on the other hand, will enter public trials next year in Sweden, the US, the UK, and China, but won’t be used by Uber.

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