World premiere of MINI and Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100

London: BMW Group today presented two world debuts to mark the opening of its exhibition and event platform, “Iconic Impulses. The BMW Group Future Experience”. The two futuristic interpretations of MINI and Rolls-Royce were presented at the Roundhouse in London.

Exploring how the world will live and move around in the years and decades ahead, how will society, the economy, living conditions and mobility change, what opportunities will new technologies open up, and what will digitalisation and connectivity mean for the future of automobile have resulted in these vision vehicles.

Made by a different Group brand, each vehicle represents a distinct interpretation of future mobility and embodies a specific set of brand values. They explore a number of future themes, including autonomous driving, digitalisation and personalisation – and present premium mobility as completely effortless, constantly available, emotionally engaging and tailored to individual mobility needs.

The BMW Vision Vehicle has typical BMW driving pleasure at its core, allowing drivers to continue driving with real time connectivity, digital intelligence and cutting-edge technologies for an enhanced driving experience. At the same time, they can hand over active control of the vehicle, sit back and turn their attention to other things, and let the vehicle take over.

The MINI VISION NEXT 100 on the other hand is all about responsible use of resources for personal mobility. “Every MINI is my MINI” is the motto, and involves innovative car-sharing and customization for a personalized experience. Built around connected digital intelligence, the MINI will pick drivers autonomously from wherever they like and adjust the car’s appearance, driving characteristics and connectivity to suit the user’s personal lifestyle.
The Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 takes luxury to a new dimension with a private retreat like interior – a “Grand Sanctuary” with a virtual assistant “Eleanor”, who not only drives but fulfils every wish through the journey. The exterior features a clamshell canopy and coach door, allowing passengers to stand up and step out, ensuring they are the picture of refinement and taste wherever they arrive. A zero emissions platform, it would incorporate innovative production methods and materials that would allow the vehicle to be created according to a customer’s own specifications: from wheelbase to body shape, they will be able to choose the characteristics and equipment they desire, with the designers at Rolls-Royce creating an individually curated bespoke masterpiece, as unique as the fingerprint of its owner.
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