Mahindra introduces Automatic Transmission in the XUV500 W6 variant

Mumbai, May 09 2016: Mahindra has introduced the Automatic Transmission (AT) in the W6 FWD variant of the New Age XUV500 at a price of INR 14.29 lacs (ex-showroom Navi Mumbai). The AT option will now be available across 4 variants – W6 FWD, W8 FWD and W10 FWD and AWD.

The New Age XUV500 offer a 2nd generation, 6-speed automatic transmission sourced from leading global supplier, AISIN, Japan.

The fully automatic gearbox with torque convertor and a planetary gear-train enables smooth and precise gear shifts. It combines responsiveness of a manual transmission with the hassle-free operation of an automatic, thereby providing the experience of both relaxed cruise or a spirited drive.

The gear ratios are optimized (with 2 overdrive gears) to deliver better fuel efficiency; and there is also an option of All Wheel Drive (AWD) on the XUV500 W10 variant.

The transmission is capable of adapting to mid and high altitudes to enable best drivability in such conditions. The two uphill climbing modes allow the vehicle to take on slopes and ghats effortlessly. Within the city, the automatic gearbox provides brisk acceleration and smooth delivery of torque across all 6 gears for a stress free drive even in stop-and-go city traffic. It also comes with a “creep function” to aid in slow moving traffic. The option of switching to a manual mode for a more spirited drives is available as well. 

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