Engineered to keep the auto industry moving: the ultra rugged all-weather Panasonic Toughbooks®

The Panasonic’s Toughbook® portfolio offers automotive service workers and management a rugged way to get the job done. The ultra-mobile Toughbooks® keep field service personnel constantly connected, allowing them to service automobiles in even the most hostile weather and field conditions. Built to go wherever crews need to go – whether in a tow truck to the scene of an accident, showroom floor of a dealership or under the hood of a car in the service bay – the Toughbook® gives mobile workers portability, integrated features and options to make real-time decisions.

The lightweight, portable Toughbook® can be carried just about anywhere and is supported by a durable base strap. The handheld device enables automotive field workers to work more efficiently without the hassle of going back-and-forth between safe and danger zones. It is equipped with the highest-performance enterprise-grade li-ion batteries for 8-hour, full-shift operations, without downtime or delays due to recharging issues.

The Toughbook® can be customized to match any automotive application, whether it is vehicle diagnostics and service, fleet management, auto dealership, or customer sales. Replacing immobile mounted display panels found in sales and service showrooms, the same tablet can be docked onto a mount with an attachable keyboard for operations in notebook mode, as well as be utilized as a mobile, electronic check-list for data entry. It can be configured with an in-built mobile printer to generate on-the-spot invoices, automating manual work and paper office, reducing duplicity and error rates. Compatible with vehicle diagnostic software, the Toughbook® acts as an interface that connects the diagnostic system to the vehicle, which enables real-time updates and control of vehicle movements.

Panasonic Toughbooks® are engineered to withstand drops, shocks, vibration, dust, water and extreme temperatures. They are enabled with 4G/LTE broadband connectivity and integrated wireless antennas. The daylight-readable, water and dust resistant, sealed LCD screens deliver optimum visibility, be it in a service shop, a dealership lot, a rush-hour freeway or on a rainy day.

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