BMW i gets the ‘Momentum for Change’ award from United Nations

Paris, Munich. The Express charging corridors launched by BMW i and ChargePoint have been honoured with the United Nations “Momentum for Change” award, for providing EV drivers access to fast chargers along the heavily populated and highly trafficked regions on the east and west coast of the United States. The project has a crucial role to play in the transition towards electric mobility in the USA and the award was presented within the framework of the UN Climate Conference COP 21 (Conference of the Parties) held in Paris.

By end 2015 there would be nearly 100 quick charging stations along the US American West Coast between Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego and along the East Coast between Washington D. C. and Boston. The charging stations are installed at a maximum distance of 50 miles from each other, in the vicinity of shopping centres, restaurants or leisure facilities. Each station features 50 kW and 24 kW charging, where the BMW i3 would take only around 20 minutes to charge. All stations meet the worldwide CCS Standard and are usable for a wide range of EV’s.

BMW i is also supporting a wide range of fast charging infrastructure projects globally, across North America, Europe, South Africa, China and Japan. The ChargeNow service by BMW i is also the world’s largest network of publicly accessible charging points for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. With more than 38,000 stations run by different operators in 25 countries, the ChargeNow service through its Card and App provides customers with convenient access to all charging stations integrated into the international network, including cashless payment and billing.

BMW i is targeting to make ‘charging as easy as refuelling’ and BMW i Ventures has already made significant investments in leading companies for charging operations. It is also providing charging solutions for home, with BMW i 360° ELECTRIC: Wallbox. With 80% of the charging processes either at home or at the workplace, BMW i Wallbox is the perfect solution for convenient, safe and fast charging at home.

Further, to ensure that environmental balance of an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle is further optimized, BMW i Green Energy provides assistance across 15 countries to charge high-voltage batteries with renewable energy. BMW partners with providers of green electricity as well as manufacturers of solar power installations for carports and house and garage roofs.

With its comprehensive portfolio of products, services and piloting innovation projects BMW i demonstrates how e-mobility today is an alternative for an increasing number of people when it comes to every day usability and advanced sustainability standards.

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