The ten millionth BMW 3 series handed over at BMW Welt

Munich: BMW has now sold ten million of its 3 Series Sedan, and the milestone number off the assembly line – an Imperial Blue BMW 320d, went to a driving school in Eichstätt. The vehicle was handed over at BMW Welt.

Xaver Bittl and family with Hermann Bohrer, Head of the BMW Group plant in Munich, Helmut Käs, Head of BMW Welt, and staff

Factory workers who helped make the vehicle were there to greet the  new owner, Xaver Bittl and his family from Eichstätt, holding up huge numbers to let the unsuspecting new owner know that his BMW 320d was the ten millionth of its type. For the owner of the driving school, the reception and unique handover process on the Premier stage at BMW Welt was an unforgettable experience.

Vehicle handover is one of the central functions of BMW Welt, when customers drive their new car off the Premier ramp above the display area, and out onto the streets of Munich. Personal attention of a member of staff and the perfectly staged handover of the new vehicle are highlights that attract between 80 and 120 handovers each day, and sometimes as many as 160. Since BMW Welt was opened in 2007, almost 150,000 customers have collected their new BMW on the Premiere stage.

With around 14 million vehicles sold in more than 130 countries, the BMW 3 Series is BMW Group’s most successful range. It all began in 1975 when the BMW 3 Series was premiered at the IAA Cars Show as the start of the line of sporty mid-range vehicles. It has since established itself as a pacesetter for the automobile industry in terms of sportiness, efficiency, comfort, connectivity and design.

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