Honda completes the ‘Amaze Longest Drive’ campaign: breaks Guinness World Record

New Delhi, 13 November 2014: Last weekend Honda celebrated the culmination of its new campaign to celebrate the success of the Amaze in India, with over 1,00,000 units sold. The celebrations also marked the completion of an all-India drive which set a new Guinness World Record, covering 23,800 kms over 55 days.

The Honda Amaze driven by Bunny Punia and Shantonil Nag set the record for the longest drive by a car in a single country. Starting off from Jodhpur, the car traveled through mountainous terrains, coastlines, highways, congested city roads and the interiors of India as part of the ‘Honda Amazingly Indian Campaign’.

Present on the occasion was Chetan Bhagat, who will be a part of the second leg of the campaign, comprising of a series of webisodes hosted by the author. In this series, Bhagat will travel to unexplored locations across the country. This will be followed by several contests and interactive engagements across the internet and social media platforms, with exciting prizes and exotic travel to remarkable destinations for contest winners.

Click here for more details on the ‘Amaze Longest Drive’ campaign.

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