We are looking for India: Ride with us to discover more

A land of contradictions, united in its diversity.
Where there is order in chaos, yet calm prevails.
Spiritual and mystical, yet logical and real.
Pure by nature, but polluted by habits.
Modern in the mind, yet traditional at heart.
This is the land of Mahabharata, and the Buddha.
A cultural melting pot, that holds together a billion dreams.
Where regions, language and religion divide the land, but unite the soul.
From the cold peaks of Siachen, to the vast deserts of Rajasthan.
From the wet regions of the North East, to the arid Rann of Kutch.
This is a land, like no other.

India is the greatest place to discover by road. Join us as we explore and go out ‘Looking for India’ – within and beyond. To unravel the layers of this incredible country through its cuisine, culture, architecture, art, music, people & trivia. In a journey of discovery that promises to be both engaging and intriguing.
‘Looking for India’ is a travel TV series. The pilot episode is produced by our friends at, and they have decided to do it their way – on a set of bikes and on limited budgets, to keep the experience real and relatable. The first ride begins on 31 January 2015.
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